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Porcelain Crowns in One Visit

One of the most vital dental restorations a patient can receive is a crown. This prosthesis protects the tooth it covers from stress and damage, allowing the original tooth to stay healthy after suffering severe decay or fracture. One of the biggest advancements in dental crown technology is CEREC, a 3D scanning and crown fabrication system that can provide porcelain crowns in one visit.

Dr. Nelson is experienced in the use of CEREC and is proud to offer same-day crowns in Lancaster, Sterling, and Clinton.

Dental Crowns at Your Convenience

Traditionally, a dental crown is fabricated at a dental laboratory, a process that involves two dental visits. The dentist would take impressions of the tooth in the mouth and send them to the laboratory for fabrication. A temporary crown would be placed at the first appointment. Shipping the impressions to the laboratory, and having the crown shipped back, meant a patient could wait around two weeks before having their tooth permanently restored.

CEREC, however, is able to create a crown in one dental visit. Using a computer-assisted design system, our Lancaster dentist can digitally take an accurate picture of teeth to design what your crown should look like. Once the design is complete, Dr. Nelson can use the computer-assisted milling machine to craft the crown immediately. The end result of the process is a beautiful, natural-looking crown applied to the tooth in one visit.

Our Lancaster CEREC Expert Dentist

Theodore R. Nelson, DDS, PC is an expert with regards to same-day restorations made with CEREC.

This is not simply because we use CEREC technology regularly. Rather, it is because our Lancaster dentist is a member of CEREC Doctors, a leading organization in advanced same-day restoration technique. Dr. Nelson instructs other dentists in these areas, passing on his expertise and education to those who wish to provide same-visit porcelain crowns. In order to make sure that CEREC is used properly in his own practice, Dr. Nelson also continues to take cutting edge continuing education on CEREC.

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Theodore R. Nelson, DDS, PC serves Lancaster, Sterling, and Clinton by providing single-visit crowns made with CEREC. To learn more or schedule your own appointment for dental crowns, contact our Lancaster dentist today!

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