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Dental restorations in Lancaster, MA - from Dr. Theodore Nelson

Your teeth can experience health concerns even when preventive care is provided. As such, our dentist offers several ways to restore a smile after decay and tooth loss have taken place. Theodore R. Nelson, DDS, PC provides restorative dentistry in Lancaster, Sterling, Clinton, and the surrounding communities.

The Restorations We Provide

At our practice, we provide several different dental restorations in order to meet your particular needs. We have the following prosthetics on hand as needed.

  • Composite fillings are able to restore teeth after experiencing small instances of tooth decay.
  • Crowns restore teeth that have cavities, as well as those which have undergone root canal therapy.
  • Bridges replace one or more adjacent missing teeth, with two anchoring crowns added to nearby healthy teeth for support.
  • Flexible partial dentures replace a significant amount of teeth missing from an arch of the smile while being less taxing on the neighboring teeth than standard partials.
  • Full dentures replace an entire arch within the smile.

Our Lancaster restorative dentist takes the time to truly examine your smile and develop the right treatment plan for you. From this examination, we develop the appropriate design for your new restoration. We will then take one of two possible routes for fabrication: send larger prosthetics like dentures to a trusted dental laboratory for creation, or personally craft your crowns with the CEREC system.

Aesthetic Restorative Options

Dr. Nelson understands the importance of a smile’s appearance. Even though functionality and health are always the main concerns behind any dental restoration, he also works to provide cosmetic restorations for his patients.

The most common examples of these restorations are our use of composite fillings and porcelain crowns. These prosthetics are effective for most patients and blend into the smile’s natural beauty. Additionally, as a dentist who can utilize CEREC for crowns, Dr. Nelson can provide the more time-consuming of these two options within a single dental visit. Not only do you have a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile with tooth-colored fillings and natural-looking crowns, but you can gain these benefits immediately.

CEREC also enables us to make smaller porcelain bridges for your teeth replacement needs, providing the same advantages over their traditional counterparts that CEREC crowns have over lab-made crowns.

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Theodore R. Nelson, DDS, PC provides restorative dentistry near Lancaster, MA. For more information about how we help you smile, call us and schedule your next appointment today!

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